LEGO BrickLink Designer Program set inches closer to selling out

One of the three remaining LEGO BrickLink Designer Program sets in the first round of crowdfunding is inching ever-closer to selling out.

While 910010 The Great Fishing Boat sold out within hours of the first round reopening (following the LEGO Group accidentally selling twice the expected 5,000 copies of 910001 The Castle in the Forest), 910016 Sheriff’s Safe, 910017 Kakapo and 910028 Pursuit of Flight are all still available to purchase through the BrickLink Designer Program’s landing page.

Days after crowdfunding reopened, those three rejected LEGO Ideas 10K sets looked to have stalled, but sales now appear to have been steadily ticking up over the past two weeks. And as we approach the cut-off date of August 31, at which point pre-orders will no longer be available, Il_Buono’s 910016 Sheriff’s Safe is the closest of the three to the maximum 10,000 order limit.

That said, it’s still available to purchase in every single one of the 30 countries the BrickLink Designer Program ships to, across North and Central America, Europe, South Korea and Australia/New Zealand. The 578-piece set costs £39.99 / $49.99 / €44.99, and like all BrickLink Designer Program sets, benefits from free shipping.

You’ll just have a lengthy wait on your hands, as this second batch of 5,000 sets won’t ship until June 2022 – five months after the first allocation. You’ve got until August 31 to place your order for any or all of 910016 Sheriff’s Safe, 910017 Kakapo and 910028 Pursuit of Flight.

The start date for the second round of crowdfunding has yet to be confirmed, but a landing page uploaded in error earlier this month suggested it will begin on November 1, with nine of the remaining 19 rejected LEGO Ideas projects in the mix.

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