Second LEGO BrickLink Designer Program crowdfunding round confirmed?

The remaining three projects in the first round of the LEGO BrickLink Designer Program have seemingly sold out overnight, with the next batch of sets up for pre-order possibly as early as this weekend.

When Brick Fanatics last checked yesterday, 910016 Sheriff’s Safe, 910017 Kakapo and 910028 Pursuit of Flight were all thousands of backers away from maxing out their increased production runs. Today, however, the landing page for the BrickLink Designer Program claims that ‘the first five sets are sold out’, and that the second round of crowdfunding will begin in ‘early November’.

Further down the page, the BrickLink team writes, “We have chosen the next nine designs for crowdfunding! Mark your calendar. Pre-ordering starts on August 15th!” There are zero designs in this field, while the next section – which currently contains all 19 remaining rejected LEGO Ideas projects – states that crowdfunding for the third round will begin on November 1.

It’s all very confusing, so we’ve reached out to the LEGO Group for clarification on when the next stage of the BrickLink Designer Program will actually begin. August 15 seems all too soon given the second round was originally intended to begin in September, but was then delayed when pre-orders for the first batch of projects re-opened earlier this month.

That makes November 1 the most likely candidate for the second round of crowdfunding – with August 15 simply being listed in error – but we’ll bring you confirmation as soon as we get it.

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Chris Wharfe

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