LEGO BrickLink Designer Program Round 2 sets confirmed

The LEGO Group and BrickLink have confirmed the nine rejected LEGO Ideas sets that will be included in the second round of crowdfunding.

Harry Finkel’s The Mountain Windmill, Alatariel Elensar’s Science Adventures, Alan Avila’s Retro Bowling Alley, Pablo Sánchez Jiménez’s Brickwest Studios, Jordi (kirteem)’s Ruined House, Brent Waller’s Seasons in Time: Calendar, Mark Smiley’s Clockwork Aquarium, Krisnow’s Modular LEGO Store and legobouwer’s Quest Builder will all be available to back when the second round begins.

As per the first round of crowdfunding, however, only the first five of those models to successfully reach 3,000 backers will go into production, with a maximum of 10,000 copies of each one available to purchase. That’s the current setup, anyway: given three of the sets in the first round failed to sell out, the LEGO Group could yet make further changes ahead of the second round.

At the moment, the BrickLink Designer Program’s landing page states that the next round of crowdfunding will begin in ‘late 2021’, but a refreshed page seemingly uploaded in error earlier this month revealed a potential start date of November 1. Whether that date was also published in error, and a new date has since been chosen, remains to be seen.

Either way, it’s been pushed back from its original start date of today, September 1, after BrickLink reopened the first round of crowdfunding in early August. That decision came after most of the initial five successful projects sold out almost instantly – and the LEGO Group accidentally sold twice the planned number of copies of 910001 The Castle in the Forest.

Head over to the BrickLink Designer Program’s landing page to check out the next nine sets in further detail. At the moment, they’re all still in the test building phase, so any one of them could theoretically join Stephan Niks’ Anatomini in being archived before crowdfunding begins.

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