LEGO Builder’s Journey arrives on Apple Arcade

A new LEGO mobile game is available on Apple Arcade – LEGO Builder’s Journey.

LEGO Builder’s Journey, which was originally set to be titled LEGO Arthouse, is now available as part of the $4.99 monthly Apple Arcade subscription. It is a puzzle adventure with a narrative, requiring players to build LEGO solutions to problems.

“It’s a poetic story about experimentation, creativity and why it’s important to never stop connecting through play, regardless of age or generation,” Karsten Lund, Creative Director on the game told CNET.

Unlike the console games and Apple Arcade’s LEGO Brawls, there is no fighting in this title. Instead, it is billed as a “poetic” narrative game.

“We believe that LEGO play also has a more quiet, thoughtful and meditative side,” says Lund. “The joy of building a LEGO model is a very well known and loved experience, which we believe is a perfect fit for this type of game.”

The LEGO Group is offering more mobile games, with LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed and LEGO Tower both having launched this year.

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