LEGO Builder’s Journey is now available on more platforms

LEGO Builder’s Journey has just launched on more platforms ending its Apple Arcade exclusivity, bringing the highly-detailed experience to extra builders.

Whilst you wait for the arrival of LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, or perhaps any information regarding the title, a new brick-based game is now available with some of the most realistic LEGO environments to ever reach screens.

LEGO Builder’s journey strays from the usual path of LEGO titles and skips the inclusion of minifigures for some brick-built characters in small, but detailed environments. The aim of this game is to get your character across the level before venturing to the next, with the store revolving around a character and son in a universe built piece by piece.

“When creating LEGO Builder’s Journey, we were inspired by the new movement of games that focus on the overall experience for gamers,” said Karsten Lund, creative director and head of studio at Light Brick Studio. “We chose to focus on the emotional and evocative aspects of storytelling to spark players’ imaginations, and to encourage them to reflect on the importance of play and creativity in all of our lives.”

The puzzling LEGO Builder’s Journey is available today, June 22 on PC via Steam or the Epic Games Store and Nintendo Switch for $19.99 / £17.99 and features graphical effects such as ray-tracing, ambient occlusion and more. For those unfamiliar with modern video games, those terms mean that the bricks look pretty good, as you can see in the above trailer.

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