LEGO Caravans & Tickets Winners

Right time to catch up on a few things, starting with the LEGO Caravan competition that closed yesterday. We had 10 prizes to be won, each winner will win one ticket to the show and one of only 500 limited edition custom LEGO Caravan Sets built by Bright Bricks to celebrate 130 years of caravaning.

Please note winners MUST be free to attend the event to claim both your ticket and LEGO set. All you had to do to win this set and ticket is answer the following questiion:

The LEGO Caravan has been built to celebrate how many years of caravanning?

The answer was

130 years

The 10 winners are:

  • Julie Eley
  • Donna Hilton
  • Katie Morton
  • Linda Meller
  • Matt Thomas
  • Petra Hora
  • Sarah Barker
  • Kirsty Ewen
  • Daniel Bramley
  • Kate Dupont

All 10 winners will be notified via email as well, to claim your prize you will need to take the email along with a form of ID to the press office at the event.


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