Toyota Landcruiser hits 10k on LEGO Ideas

Wow what a busy start to Monday morning, over night a third project joined the next review stage along side Jurassic Park Explorer and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Nautilus.  The project is the Toyota Landcruiser 40 Series, now I’m no petrol head so it’s not a vehicle that I’ve too familiar with the project has approximately 1700 bricks, this model is a classic four-wheel-drive. So once again another big project in the review stage.

How long can LEGO Ideas keep rejecting the big sets, it’s obvious that there is a demand there for this type of set?

Here is the official project description: “If you’ve spent any time in the Australian outback, or remote and rugged terrain elsewhere in the world, the Toyota Landcruiser four-wheel-drive would be a familiar sight. And while these days you see plenty of Landcruisers in the city too, it is the early model 40 Series that has become an icon.

In Australia, it set the standard for toughness and reliability in the four-wheel-drive market, building Toyota’s reputation and becoming a favourite in the mining, agriculture, construction and engineering sectors. In many other countries in the world, it was equally popular as a reliable vehicle for tough environments.”

My first car was a diesel 40 Series Landcruiser, and apart from the sentimental value, I knew the distinctive body shape and interesting features would make a great model. Having already built the Lego Mini Cooper and the Kombi, the 40 Series Landcruiser rounds out the trio nicely for those who like to get off-road.

“This model reproduces unique features of the BJ42 – the pinnacle of the 40 Series – such as the triple windscreen wipers of course with perhaps the only thing missing is the zebra-striped pattern on the seats.  I also included lots of detail with foot well vents on both driver and passenger sides, the chassis and running gear along with the leaf springs.”

Speaking of LEGO Ideas set, we have just got an advanced copy of Dr.Who so we will be reviewing it later this week.


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One thought on “Toyota Landcruiser hits 10k on LEGO Ideas

  • 12/10/2015 at 09:35

    they HAVE to produce this………………this is a market that LEGO need to get into – combining big scale with cars is a no brainer.

    Looks very good, would like to see the struts a little higher and addition of mudflaps, but these are details that can be worked on.

    I can immediately see the ability for this to become a flatbed…………and also the LWB version.

    Good work!


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