LEGO Movie press kit

I am most probably going to be in a minority of one, but I thought the LEGO Movie was good – not awesome IMO.A fun film, but not really one I am going to watch over and over again. I don’t even have a copy on DVD. Nor am I interested in any of the associated sets,my funds are better placed elsewhere.


But one thing I do like are promotional stuff and this “set” is no exception. The appeal is in the uniqueness and rarity of the set. You could try and create it as a MOC yourself but would that be too big an effort?


Stumbling across via social media, this is very unique – and worth a fair few quid as well. The set is going up north of £300.That is a lot of cash for just 168 pieces when the LEGO Technic AROCS Benz comes in at just over 2700 pieces and a bit more affordable £169.99 at retail.


You can find detail over on the Brickset database here and if you visit our archive you can see our editor Richard reviewed it. Fancy selling it Rich?

Would you be tempted to add this as part of your AFOL collection?


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