LEGO City 40344 Minifigure Pack has a summer holiday theme

LEGO City 40344 Minifigure Pack has been revealed in new official images.

New images of the regular LEGO City sets have already been released, but now fans can check out the new 40344 Minifigure Pack that will presumably be a exclusive product. The Brick Fan has been digging around the LEGO servers and discovered this pack, that includes four seaside themed minifigures, including a diver, a surfer and two sun soakers. A few bricks build an ice cream stand, with a parrot and crab thrown in too for good measure.

LEGO Marvel Spider-Man 40343 Minifigure Pack was revealed today too, with that set including Spider-Man, Maria Hill and Ned Leeds – all characters from the upcoming film Spider-Man: Far From Home.

When the sets launch later this summer, LEGO City fans will be getting a biog dose of space exploration. As well as the expected mix of shuttles and rovers, there’s also a couple of bases among the five regular sets – one in space, in 60227 Moon Base, and one on the ground, in 60228 Space Research Rocket Control Center. 60230 People Pack – Space Research and Development will provide plenty of science inspired minifigures for those looking to populate their Space themed builds.

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