LEGO Classic 11717 Bricks Box to include baseplates

The new LEGO Classic 11717 Bricks Box has been revealed in official images, and it includes four baseplates.

LEGO fans will be able to get four baseplates in one box with the new LEGO Classic 11717 Bricks Box, a set that has been revealed by Amazon Japan. The Brick Fan reports that the baseplates are 16×16 studs each, coming in teal, white, brown and green.

The set is due for release on May 1 and includes 1,500 elements in addition to the baseplates. Inspiration for models is also included to encourage children to explore their creativity and come up with a variety of LEGO models.

LEGO Classic 11717 Brick

A selection of new LEGO Classic sets launched earlier this year. While they are typically purchased more for children than adults, but there are a few gems in there for the mature fan – including 11010 White Baseplate. While different coloured baseplates are available each year, it has been a long time since a white baseplate has been in circulation.

Here is the full 2020 range so far:

11006 Creative Blue Bricks
11007 Creative Green Bricks
11008 Bricks and Houses
11009 Bricks and Lights
11010 White Baseplate
10909 Heart Box
10913 Brick Box
10914 Deluxe Brick Box

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