LEGO confirms change to VIP points redemption in stores

The LEGO Group has confirmed that it’s changing the way VIP points are redeemed in LEGO Stores, streamlining the process for everyone involved.

As initially reported by Brick Fanatics earlier this month, you’ll no longer need to redeem your VIP points for a discount voucher in the VIP Rewards Centre before shopping in store. Instead, you can simply spend your points directly at the till – sidestepping what’s probably the single biggest hurdle to spontaneous shopping for most of us. (Who wants to be fiddling around on their phone to get a discount voucher in store?)

That cumbersome process has been in place for the past few years, with separate vouchers for use either online or in-store. The LEGO Group recently merged both options into a single ‘omnichannel’ discount voucher, which was a step in the right direction – but a short-lived one, it turns out, as in-store vouchers are no longer necessary at all.

LEGO VIP discount system change UK

Better yet, the restrictions on the amount of points that can be redeemed – previously in multiples of £5 / $5 / €5 – have been lifted, so you can now use any amount of points to the nearest £1. You’ll still need to redeem a minimum of £5 on a single purchase, but beyond that the sky’s the limit – so no more waiting until you’ve reached the next multiple of £5, and no more having to redeem a specific combination of £5 / £20 / £50 vouchers.

According to the LEGO Group, the new system also allows customers to pay for an order entirely in VIP points (if they have the necessary amount, of course). As before, you’ll need to provide either a physical or digital VIP card or the email address tied to your VIP account at the point of purchase.

If you have any unused in-store rewards vouchers (from before the omnichannel discount was rolled out), they’ll be credited back to your VIP account. This change is only being rolled out in LEGO Stores for now, so you’ll still need to redeem discount vouchers in the VIP Rewards Centre for use at

Click here for a full guide to the LEGO VIP program.

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