LEGO and Dungeons & Dragons have been combined before LEGO Ideas

LEGO Dungeons & Dragons will soon lead to an official set, though the two hobbies have been officially combined long before LEGO Ideas

Despite there being no record of official partnerships, creative roleplayers have been mixing the worlds of LEGO and Dungeons & Dragons for many years prior to the latest LEGO Ideas challenge.  

As Dungeons & Dragons uses miniatures to help simulate combat, the LEGO Group’s minifigures and bricks act as an alternative to cardboard cutouts and miniatures. The two work well together in practice. 

lego dungeons and dragons waterdeep milehighnick
Image: MileHighNick

A small corner of the internet has even been crafted for like-minded fans of LEGO and Dungeons & Dragons in the form of the LEGODnD subreddit created in 2015 and with 15,000 members. Currently, many users of the page are getting their entries together for the challenge but scrolling through reveals a few examples of fantasy minifigures and how players use minifigures and bricks in their games. 

However, the subreddit is ultimately a small portion of the Dungeons & Dragons player base that uses LEGO in their campaigns. Over on the main Dungeons & Dragons subreddit though, a post made earlier this year asking for LEGO Dungeons & Dragons sets has received 480 comments at the time of writing with some Dungeon Masters explaining how they use LEGO to improve gameplay. 

BrickLink Designer Program Quest Builder
Image: legobouwer

Beyond reddit, there’s been a Dungeons & Dragons-adjacent project on LEGO Ideas and BrickLink previously too. Quest Builder, and it’s several proposed expansions, by Ymari (or legobouwer) was never approved or funded on either platform but it’s another example of how this roleplaying game and the LEGO Group’s familiar bricks can work together. 

Now, we’re watching the entries for the official LEGO Ideas Dungeons & Dragons challenge flood in, with the challenge currently up to 58 projects at the time of writing. This will eventually result in official Dungeons & Dragons set, though a theme may be on the table too. 

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