LEGO fans got hands on at Star Wars Celebration Orlando

With a huge LEGO stand on the show floor, fans had plenty to get stuck into at Star Wars Celebration Orlando

Star Wars Celebration Orlando saw the highest attendance of the official Lucasfilm convention ever, with more fans eager to participate in the event than ever before. The LEGO Group had a large presence as usual, bringing plenty of bricks along to allow fans a chance to engage in different building activities. It is highly possible that as the event has just wrapped, LEGO employees still sweeping up bricks in the Orlando Convention Centre.

A giant LEGO logo above the show floor anchored the brick based offering, showing fans where to go to get interactive. The giant screen placed above the area showed clips from Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures as well as other promotional clips.

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The ‘Master your Force’ interactive area allowed fans to get their hands with one stud bricks and express themselves on a 16×16 base plate. Tying in with both the ‘Master your Force’ promotion and LEGO Life app, each mosaic was added to a display area which was almost full by the end of each day.

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A store manned by LEGOLAND employees allowed event visitors to buy from a range of LEGO merchandise, with a lucky few who won an online raffle able to buy the Celebration exclusive set, Detention Block Rescue. It turned out that the raffle organisers were not very stringent, with some winners having used multiple e-mail addresses to maximise their chance of winning and in some cases getting the opportunity to buy more than one.

220417swcoshowfloor (4)

The LEGO play area featured a giant Millennium Falcon build activity on one side, where fans constructed giant blocks from 2 x 4 bricks which the Master Model Builders then added over the weekend to a huge build of the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy. The other aspect to this area was the opportunity to make and take a familiar-looking Millennium Falcon model – a bit smaller than the group build version, of course.

The building activities were of course just a small part of the LEGO presence at Star Wars Celebration, with impressive models, a LUG display and live panels all available to check out as well.



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