New LEGO Star Wars Bounty Hunters officially showcased

One of the LEGO Star Wars sets coming this year with the most buzz is 75167 Bounty Hunter Speeder Bike Battle Pack. Rather than the traditional troop building pack of generic faces, some of the most desirable characters are being released at a friendly price point – including 4-LOM for the first time (or Zuckuss, if you prefer the original Kenner designation).



Star Wars Celebration Orlando saw the pack shared with the public as part of the LEGO display, showing exactly what the minifigures will look like for the first time. Collectors are unlikely to be disappointed, with exquisite detailing on each and the super accessible format making this a win-win.

220417ucssnowspeeder (1)


75144 Snowspeeder was also displayed in public for the first time, giving a glimpse of the new UCS set that will be released as part of this year’s May 4 promotion. Based on the reaction of visitors checking out the new AFOL-aimed set, this is going to go down well once it is on LEGO Store shelves as an exclusive release.

220417ucssnowspeeder (2)


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