LEGO Foundation and UNICEF help refugee children learn through play

UNICEF and the LEGO Foundation are helping refugee children learn through play, providing resources to improve their education.

Forbes has reported on the team up between UNICEF and the LEGO Foundation that has brought the power of play to refugee children in Jordan. In a classroom set up to teach displaced children, the youngsters are learning through play thanks to thousands of LEGO bricks.

The LEGO Foundation donated 3,000 LEGO DUPLO boxes and 1,100 LEGO boxes to schools, kindergartens and Makani Centers to reach over 145,000 children in vulnerable communities. In addition to the bricks, training in play-based methodology is being delivered to 1,000 educators in the region.

“UNICEF is delighted to partner with the LEGO Foundation to promote quality learning and provide psychosocial support for vulnerable children in classrooms and in their communities across Jordan,” Robert Jenkins, Representative, UNICEF Jordan, told Forbes.

It has made a huge difference to the children benefiting from the scheme. “Finally my dream came true when I saw the LEGO bricks in front of me,” said Yousef, 9. “We can make a house, an airplane, a machine and many other things using them.”

“They made us close our eyes and then we got a very sweet surprise,” said Mira, 7. “It was a big box of LEGO bricks and we were really happy playing with them. When we built the tower, we couldn’t make it steady at first. My friends and I, we share and play with each other and we don’t fight.”

Evidence shows that play helps learning and development in children, with the LEGO Foundation funding further study into the area.

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