LEGO Hamleys 5005233 Royal Guard minifigure spotlight

London’s most famous toy shop, Hamleys, is offering an exclusive Royal Guard minifigure that represents an icon of the capital

Price: £6.00 Pieces: 5 Available: Now (Hamleys exclusive)


Leicester Square exclusive minifigure, Lester, has demonstrated that fans are eager for souvenir minifigures from London. Hamleys is the next British retailer to get in on the action, with this new Royal Guard minifigure released just in time for Christmas.

This Beefeater minifigure is similar to the version released in

Series 5, but with a few subtle changes. The torso is new, with a few medals demonstrating that this minifigure has earned his reputation. There are minor changes to the buttons and belt buckle, too.

5005233 Royal Guard has a new face print, too, that is unique to this release. Although the minifigure stand is included, the rifle that came with the

version is absent – this is a peace loving guard.

As the latest exclusive minifigure, this release will be appealing to those who enjoy tracking down unique variations and

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products. The main market for this new character, though, is clearly the many tourists who go through the doors of Hamleys every day and would like a memento from the visit.

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