LEGO James Bond Aston Martin DB5 event at Leicester Square store

It is looking like the LEGO James Bond Aston Martin DB5 set will launch at a special LEGO Store Leicester Square event.

The flagship LEGO Store, located in Leicester Square, London, looks like it will play host to an event that may see the first reveal of the LEGO James Bond Aston Martin DB5 set. Given how deeply associated the character is with the UK, and London inparticular, it makes perfect sense to be the place that fans get a first look at the new model.

Things will kick off at 10.07 (which is surely better than having everyone arrive rather tired at 0.07), on July 18, the LEGO Group’s Facebook page reports. No further details have been revealed yet – in the spirit of her majest’s secret service, the particulars are under wraps:

Something TOP SECRET is happening on July 18th in LEGO Store at Leicester Square, London…
Stay tuned to learn more!

No official announcement for the set has arrived yet, but with the LEGO Group, Aston Martin and James Bond official social media accounts all teasing something with the #licencetobuild hashtag, it does not take an intelligence analyst to deduce what must be on the way. Another quote has been shared on social media by the LEGO Group:

Oh yes. That old thing is taking quite a bit of time. Mind you, there wasn’t much left to work, only a steering wheel. I believe I said, bring it back in one piece, not bring back one piece.

The quote is from Spectre, with Q referring to the Aston Martin DB5 that he is repairing for 007 after the events of Skyfall.

A new LEGO Store calendar seems to suggest that the set may launch for VIP card holders on August 15.

Brick Fanatics has shared an opinion piece questioning how well James Bond fits with LEGO brand values.

LEGO James Bond event


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