Hype is building for LEGO James Bond Aston Martin DB5

The official James Bond and Aston Martin Twitter accounts continue to tease the LEGO James Bond Aston Martin DB5 set.

Based on previous social media teases and rumoured information, fans are anticipating the announcement of the first ever LEGO James Bond set – the Aston Martin DB5. New social media activity continues to build hype for the set that is expected to retail for £280+.

The most tantalising of the two Tweets shares an exchange between James Bond and Q , from Goldfinger – the movie in which the DB5 was made famous and became forever linked to 007.

“Ejector seat, you’re joking?”
“I never joke about my work, 007.”

While it would have been completely remiss for the LEGO Group to release this set without an ejector seat, this seems to confirm that one will indeed be included. It is the car’s most memorable gadget, after all.

Skyfall was released in 2012, the 50th anniversary of the Bond film franchise. The film is packed full of references and nods to the series’ history, with the most fan pleasing being the return of the DB5. Aston Martin shared this quote from the movie, with the text, “Well, our cars do tend to get noticed.”

“Oh, and I suppose that’s completely inconspicuous.”
“Get in.”

The set is likely to be released in plenty of time for Christmas.

Brick Fanatics has shared an opinion piece questioning how well James Bond fits with LEGO brand values.


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