LEGO teases partnership with Aston Martin and James Bond

The LEGO Group has been going wild on social media this week, tweeting out seemingly daily BrickHeadz announcements. But the latest tweet will likely send many fans’ imaginations off the charts, as the company has teased a potential partnership with Aston Martin that may or may not involve a certain secret agent.

TLG Bond tweet

As if alluding to the Secret Service and an ‘agent’ wasn’t tantalising enough, TLG even tagged Aston Martin in the original tweet. Right on cue, Aston Martin’s social media account replied, echoing the hashtag #LicenceToBuild. And just in case – for those in the back – the official James Bond Twitter account then confirmed, ‘Licence to build is authorised.’

Aston Martin Bond tweet

James Bond tweet

What could all this mean? Well, somehow, we think it might just have a little something to do with the LEGO Group producing a set – or sets – based on 007 himself. That’s the message we’re getting, anyway. If only those tweets weren’t so cryptic, eh.

Still, precisely what this partnership will entail really is a mystery at this point, but it’s fair to assume something big is in store, considering all this fanfare. All we need now is Daniel Craig to tweet a picture of himself as a minifigure to really give the game away. A bloke in a suit should do the trick.

Chris Wharfe

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