Toys, including LEGO sets, may be worth big bucks

According to a report from the BBC, many old toys are worth a lot of money, with LEGO sets highlighted as a good example.

Nothing quite says Christmas like wondering if old toys are valuable, as well as holding treasured memories. In that spirit, the BBC has enlisted “toyologist” Peter Jenkinson to share some toys and books that are worth digging out to see if they are valuable.

LEGO is really important because so many of us have played with it for so long and because it’s been said that if you had invested correctly in Lego over the course of 20 years, you would have made more back than if you had invested in gold,” he told the BBC. “When you combine LEGO with something like Star Wars or Harry Potter suddenly you could be looking at something worth thousands.”

As LEGO fans know, it is only a very small handful sets that have actually appreciated in value at a better rate than gold, and they would have to have been purchased at retail price for maximum profit. They also should remain in the sealed box to be valued at the highest end of the price spectrum.

According to the article, an “early LEGO Star Wars Death Star” could sell for £6,000. The earliest release of the space station, 10143 Death Star, is currently available through Amazon for £2,691.97 – half of what the report claims it is worth. Considering that at Christmas, toy prices on Amazon are at their most inflated, the estimated £6,000 price tag might be optimistic.

LEGO Hogwarts Castle\

As for LEGO Harry Potter, this article claims that the 2002 release of Hogwarts Castle, which presumably is referring to 4709 Hogwarts Castle, is worth £3,000 – yet it is currently available through Amazon new for £663.53. Other versions of the location are more expensive, with 5378 Hogwarts Castle, released in 2007, listed at £3,952.25.

While the BBC can be excellent for current affairs, world news and culture, LEGO fans should stick to dedicated websites like Brick Fanatics for informed reporting. If readers spot any more of these odd statistics flying around or “worth more than gold” articles, be sure to share them with the team via social media or e-mail.

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