LEGO Levi’s collection now available online

The limited edition LEGO Levi’s collection is now available at

Nine different t-shirts are up for grabs in the UK, while US customers have one extra to choose from. That’s only a small part of the wider range, which also includes hoodies, jackets, jeans, hats and bags. But a good chunk of the products are already sold out on Levi’s website, including all the shirts listed at

Better yet, you’ll actually save some money buying directly from, where the t-shirts are available for £20-23. By comparison, the four sold out shirts at Levi’s were priced at £25. And you can also collect VIP points on your shirts through, offering an even better saving.

“There’s so much passion and energy in this partnership,” said Lena Dixen, Senior Vice President and Head of Product and Marketing Development at LEGO Group, when the range was announced. “Working with the creative and iconic Levi’s brand is inspiring, and is pushing the way we innovate the LEGO brand experience.”

You can find the rest of the LEGO Levi’s range over at Levi’s website. And if you’re interested in learning a peculiar piece of LEGO history, check out the fashion brand that beat Levi’s to the punch.

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