LEGO Life app is a success story in Hong Kong

The LEGO Life app has proven to be exceptionally successful in Hong Kong, with 23,000 users based there.

After launching the LEGO Life app a few months ago in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, the LEGO Group has had significant take up in Hong Kong. 23,000 users have signed up, with 90% of users in the intended age range of 5 to 10 year olds. LEGO Life is designed to be a safe social network for children aged 13 and below, with special safeguards in place. Since the original launch last year, 5.8 million users have signed up for the app around the world.

Following the promising start, the company aims for 10,000 kids to be active in the LEGO Life Community each month.

“We believe the unique proposition of the app which ties to local consumer insights is the key. Parents in Hong Kong are very conscious of kids’ digital consumption and concerned about the online privacy and safety. LEGO Life, adhering to the highest standard of child safety online, eases parents’ concern over privacy or safety issues,” Candice Wong, LEGO Digital Marketing & e-Commerce Manager, Hong Kong & Taiwan told Marketing Interactive. “For instance, kids are not allowed to use their real photos and names on the app. Instead, they will be given their own identities by creating unique minifigure and user name.”


Wong stresses that the LEGO Life app is not about selling products to children, but engaging active users and building up a community. “we’ve just introduced “Product Registration” function on selected products where kids, under parent’s consent, can scan their box sets and build their own collections inside the App. All these allows us to put kids at the centre of our brand and provide more customised digital and physical play experience to them. We aim at making LEGO Life an extension of their LEGO play experience, rather than replacing physical play which we know is so important to children’s development and well-being.”

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