LEGO Marvel 40454 Spider-Man versus Venom and Iron Venom available now

LEGO Marvel’s most ridiculous character yet is now available to buy in 40454 Spider-Man versus Venom and Iron Venom.

We’re not talking about Spider-Man or Venom, of course (unless you find your growing army of either character ridiculous, which, you know, fair), or even Iron Venom, as wacky as that mash-up is. No, we’re actually talking about Pork Grind, or the symbiote version of Spider-Ham from the Aniverse.

If your Spider-knowledge doesn’t run deep enough to know what the Aniverse is, allow us to bring you up to speed: imagine if Marvel did George Orwell’s Animal Farm, only with less rebellion and more crazy superhero antics. It’s essentially a whole bunch of talking animals, one of whom we’ve already seen in LEGO form in last year’s 76151 Venomosaurus Ambush.

LEGO Marvel 40454 Spider Man versus Venom and Iron Venom

Pork Grind is basically a repaint of that same Spider-Ham minifigure, but you can’t really begrudge the LEGO Group finding another reason to use what was probably quite an expensive mould for a single set. You can begrudge the number of classic Spidey-villains we still haven’t had as minifigures (how do we not have a LEGO Lizard?), but that’s a discussion for another time.

For now, the blister pack that is 40454 Spider-Man versus Venom and Iron Venom can be yours at for just £13.49 / $14.99 / €14.99. That makes it the perfect set to top up an existing order to score a future gift-with-purchase (or meet the current £60 / $60 / €60 threshold for 40449 Easter Bunny’s Carrot House, if you like).

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