LEGO Minecraft 2020 official images

The images of the next batch of LEGO Minecraft sets, that will arrive in January 2020, have been revealed.

LEGO Minecraft fans can look forward to a new batch of sets in January 2020, with six new sets due to launch. Making up the range are two new Bigfigs and four new regular System sets, revealed by Remix Kaja and shared by the Brick Fan.

Here are the new set names:

21156 Creeper BigFig
21157 Pig and Zombie BigFig
21158 The Panda Kindergarten
21159 The Raider Outpost
21160 The Villager Raid
21162 The Taiga Adventure

The new range continues to explore the more eccentric aspects of the Miencraft universe, including 21158 The Panda Kindergarten with some adorable black-and-white fellows included. 21157 Pig and Zombie BigFig also manages to capture the cuter side of thye world building video game.

A whole host of LEGO Minecraft are available now, including the following sets:

21148 Steve with Parrot
21149 Alex with Chicken
21150 Skeleton with Magma Cube
21151 The End Battle
21152 Pirate Ship

Plenty more LEGO 2020 sets have been revealed in the next few days, from the following themes:
LEGO Trolls World Tour
LEGO Star Wars
LEGO Technic
LEGO Friends

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