LEGO Minifigure Factory opens at the LEGO Store Berlin

Fans can now have a custom minifigure printed at the LEGO Store Berlin with the new LEGO Minifigure Factory experience.

Last year there were a couple of opportunities for fans to try out a new experience that LEGO Stores were trialling – LEGO Minifigure Factory. Unfortunately, those opportunities were fleeting, with the experience popping up and disappearing within a matter of days.

Now, the LEGO Minifigure Factory has arrived at the LEGO Store Berlin in Germany, PromoBricks reports. For €11.99, customers can print a bespoke minifigure using either pre-set templates or an original design. The website does not confirm if this is at the Berlin store permanently, or if this is another trial.

As well as the minifigure, a 1×3 custom printed brick can also be printed at the LEGO Minifigure Factory. The minifigure and the brick come in special packaging with a factory style interior to show off the unique souvenir.

LEGO Minifigure Factory

This is the first time that the LEGO Group have offered the opportuntiy for a fully customised, printed minifigure torso, and give that the LEGO Store Berlin is a flagship shop, the experience may roll out to other large LEGO Stores in the future.

For images, check out the full report from PromoBricks.

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