LEGO Minifigure Factory launches in the LEGO Store Copenhagen

A new concept is being trialed at the LEGO Store Copenhagen, the Minifigure Factory.

For the first time, the LEGO Group is allowing fans to make their own official custom minifigures. In the LEGO Store Copenhagen, the company is trialing the Minifigure Factory. Unlike the usual minifigure mix-and-match opportunity, this allows fans the opportunity to customise a torso design digitally, and then have it printed onto a minifigure right in front of them.

The cost of printing a minifigure during the trial is 30DKK, around £4, and the machine can print 40 at once – so hopefully not too much waiting in line will be involved. It seems that designs are able to be tweaked, but it is not likely that they can be completely made from scratch or uploaded.

LEGO designer Jens Hjorth has been involved in the project for the past 18 months, and shared the images of it in place on Facebook. Like the Mosaic Maker, the Minifigure Factory looks to add an extra level of interactivity to the LEGO Store experience. By the time the new attraction is added to any more LEGO Stores, it should be a fine tuned experience – the development and trial time on such projects take so long because the LEGO Store experience team demands perfection.

The LEGO Minifigure Factory will be available in Copenhagen for a few days during this trial run.


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