LEGO Xtra theme to include more than just polybags

It turns out that the new LEGO Xtra theme is not just about polybags containing useful accessories, but will also include play/display bases.

Three sets that fall under the new LEGO Xtra theme will offer bases for play or display, rather than just polybags, as have been seen so far. Brickset has revealed three new bases that are shown on the leaflet included in the accessory bag sets – 853840 Road, 853841 Sea and 853842 Park.

Each of the bases contains two reversible boards, and a few bricks which can be placed in the requisite 2×2 spaces to clip the boards together. The bases do not feature studs, so it won’t be possible to clip bricks to them as is the case with traditional baseplates.

LEGO Xtra baseplates

The polybags are currently out there in some LEGO Stores, but the bases have yet to be found. Even the bagged sets are not that easy to find, as reportedly only 30 were sent to each location as a trial.

So while these new base products may not be particularly sought after, they may have some utility for those who would prefer them to having a set sat on a plain shelf.


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