LEGO model used to demonstrate COVID spread in schools

Scottish parents group, Clean Air For Class, has created a

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model to illustrate how COVID-19 can spread in classrooms as part of efforts to get CO2 monitors in schools.

The brick-built classroom has red bricks that represent real COVID-19 cases in schools, which parents shared with one another. Over one weekend, the cases were clearly spreading throughout the room.

“I can’t draw so I made a little model out of some of the

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bits scattered in my kids’ room,” explained the parent who built the model to the Courier. “Green LEGO studs for all the cases that were either negative or unknown, grey for empty seats and red for the positives that were being confirmed by PCR tests.

“The messages kept pinging, I kept having to get more red studs out of the drawer. There was no denying that this was a cluster radiating out from one table at the back right of the room.”

The group of parents and educators has released a petition campaigning for CO2 monitors to be put into schools across Scotland, as cases in education establishments continue to rise. This would enable teachers to check on whether ventilation is good enough, with estimates that air should be changed four to six times every hour to prevent the spread of the virus.

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