Upcoming LEGO pirate playground GWP could be the first in a series

The specific theming of the recently revealed LEGO 40589 Pirate Ship Playground could suggest more playground gifts-with-purchase down the line.

Thanks to the LEGO building instructions portal, we’ve now had a great look at the upcoming set. It’s not confirmed yet how this set will be available, but its set number suggests that it is indeed a gift with purchase. 

LEGO 40589 Pirate Ship Playground 1

Recently, the LEGO Group has been leaning into a strategy where gifts-with-purchase are part of a ‘series’, such as with the Houses of the World sets or the VIP Add-On Packs. It’s also been focusing on targeting adult collectors’ nostalgia for classic LEGO themes with gifts based on Blacktron, Forestmen, and BIONICLE.

The combination of these recent trends in the ever-present LEGO gift with purchase could suggest that the Pirate Ship Playground is not a stand-alone set. The set’s colourful pirate-themed build and minifigures with their striped-shirt torsos not-so-subtly evokes LEGO Pirates, one of LEGO’s most iconic classic themes. If recent gifts are anything to go on, this could mean a series of classic LEGO-inspired playgrounds are on the way.

LEGO Ideas 40335 Space Rocket Ride contents

A LEGO Classic Space playground featuring something similar to 40335 Space Rocket Ride and child minifigures in classic space costumes would surely be sought after by collectors. And there’s no doubt that a LEGO Castle playground with lion knight or black falcon costumes would be similarly coveted.

Nothing about 40589 Pirate Ship Playground has been confirmed yet (other than the fact that it exists), so there’s still a chance it could be a VIP Rewards Centre set or just a regular set hitting stores. We’ll keep an eye out for any updates regarding this set.

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