LEGO reportedly extends Star Wars and Marvel licences to 2032

The LEGO Group has reportedly extended its Star Wars licence agreement for another decade – and expanded it to include all Disney properties.

Originally established all the way back in 1998, the LEGO Group’s initial agreement with Lucasfilm was first renewed in 2007, then again in 2011. That latest contract apparently ends this year, however, which means it’s time for the company to decide whether to stick or twist with a galaxy far, far away. No prizes for guessing which way it’s going with one of its most popular and enduring themes.

According to The Holo-Brick Archives, the LEGO Group has now renegotiated its contract with Disney – which acquired Lucasfilm in 2012 – to run until at least 2032, which means we’re in store for at least another full decade of LEGO Star Wars sets. Just think how many X-wings, Millennium Falcons and Landspeeders that’ll add up to.

Yavin hanger shot 2

This contract extension apparently also includes Disney properties beyond Star Wars, such as Frozen, Buzz Lightyear, The Muppets – confirmed to be the next Collectible Minifigures series – and, perhaps most intriguingly, Marvel. That superhero theme has just turned a decade old, having first debuted in 2012, but it sounds like we’ve got at least another full decade of sets to come.

While it’s not really surprising to hear that the LEGO Group may have extended its licence agreement for Star Wars, or several of its other high-profile licensed themes, the exact details of this particular renewal – including the length, and whether those other Disney properties are now all part of the same contract – are only a rumour at this stage.

It’s unlikely we’ll receive any kind of official press release or confirmation from the LEGO Group on the details either way, but you never know. After all, 10 more years of LEGO Star Wars feels like something it might want to shout about…

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