The LEGO Group simplifies LEGO VIP discounts in Europe

A change has been made to redeeming a discount on the LEGO VIP rewards centre, simplifying the process for European members.

The LEGO Group has added a new option for redeeming your VIP points for a discount online and in-store on the European version of, removing confusion regarding where you’ll be able to use your discount.

At the time of writing, most LEGO VIP members around the world can get money off a future purchase by opening a tab depending on where the discount is intended to be used, but when they are both open the symbols may still be confusing with their similar colour scheme and graphics.

While many may not have an issue with selecting which reward they’d like to redeem their points for, the LEGO Group has still seen fit to add a feature to one regional rewards centre. European members will now need to select where the discount is wanted before an option to redeem the reward is available.

You can see how the two redemption methods compare in the gallery above, with the older method on the left and the updated version on the right. Note that the European store is selected for the newer image, despite the display currency being pounds.

Currently, this change is only present on the European VIP rewards centre but it may be making its way to other regions over the next year. However, this has not been officially confirmed. The adjustment may assist new or otherwise unfamiliar members in making sure the correct discount is being redeemed before points are removed from their account.

Anyone with plenty of points to spare can also redeem the collectable coins and display case, which have recently returned after selling out quickly in 2021.

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