Fan-made LEGO space artwork reaches 10K on LEGO Ideas

A collection of art exploring sci-fi tropes in poster-inspired models that play with perspective and shapes has passed into the LEGO Ideas review.

Following The Kit-Cat Clock earlier today, another project has reached enough support to pass into the first 2022 review round. The latest submission comes from john_carter, who is now a member of the 10K club thanks to Tales of the Space Age.

The project proposes three flat models each designed to look like the artwork of a classic movie poster. They include a rocket launching as it leaves a contrail behind it from the clouded launch site on the surface of the planet, a meteor shower and a rover exploring the planet surface while two crescent moons sit in the sky.

The builds at indeed to be displayed either on a surface or hung on a wall, with a frame on the back including an attachment point using a Technic element. The user notes that they have tested this method using standard wall hooks, assuring that it does work.

The project now joins eight other submissions in the first 2022 review stage, and you can take a look at all of them by clicking on the links below:

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