LEGO Star Wars 75292 The Mandalorian Bounty Hunter Transport available now

LEGO Star Wars 75292 The Mandalorian Bounty Hunter Transport is available now at the official online store for the first time in months.

The in-demand Mandalorian set popped up for the last two weeks of February, but only on back order. This time, it’s actually available right now, which means it could be blasting through hyperspace (or the LEGO Group’s preferred courier service) to arrive at your door as soon as Monday.

That’s with free standard delivery, too, which has an estimated arrival time of two to four days. Of course, the chances of actually receiving it as soon as Monday are pretty slim – high demand, COVID-19 and Brexit have all compounded into expected delays on deliveries – but you’re likely still looking at receiving it next week.

Our sources say 75292 The Mandalorian Bounty Hunter Transport (or 75292 The Razor Crest, as it was very briefly known) will retire from production at the end of 2021, so don’t hang about if you’re hoping to get your hands on Mando’s ship. The 1,023-piece craft comes with five minifigures, including Baby Yoda (or Grogu, we guess) and Greef Karga.

It’s also fired its way straight back into Brick Fanatics’ Top 20 LEGO Sets List, coming in at a very respectable eighth place. That only speaks to how many even better products the LEGO Group has pumped out in the months before and after 75292 The Mandalorian Bounty Hunter Transport’s release, but the Star Wars ship’s scarcity since September is proof positive that it’s still a set worth getting your hands on.

Chances are, it won’t be in stock for long, so act quickly if you want it. You can support the work that Brick Fanatics does by ordering 75292 The Mandalorian Bounty Hunter Transport using our affiliate links.

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