LEGO Star Wars 75294 Bespin Duel now available in North America

The originally event-exclusive LEGO Star Wars set 75294 Bespin Duel is now available to order in the USA and Canada.

As its name suggests, the display model recreates cinema’s ultimate twist, in which Darth Vader reveals Luke Skywalker’s true parentage. The 295-piece depiction of the Star Wars saga’s most iconic scene is rumoured to have been designed for Star Wars Celebration Anaheim. With that event curtailed by the coronavirus pandemic, the LEGO Group has now made the 18+ set available to fans in North America.

That means fans in other countries are unfortunately out of luck. However, the LEGO Group has been quick to assert that this launch technically doesn’t break its promise of no more region-exclusive sets. Head to the page for 75294 Bespin Duel, and you’ll find a note that reads:

While originally planned to be available at an event that is no longer taking place, this set will now be available at!

That’s in line with the original announcement, which was appended by a handful of exceptions to the rule – including pilot projects, experience exclusives (LEGO House and LEGOLAND sets, for instance) and special event sets.

One YouTube creator has already got their hands on the set, so if you’re on the fence about ordering, check out their video. Stock is likely to go quickly, with limiting fans to three copies each, so don’t wait around too long.

Fans beyond North America’s borders can at least recreate the set at home, meanwhile, as the instructions are available online. You’ll find the Luke Skywalker minifigure in 2018’s 75222 Betrayal at Cloud City, and the new Darth Vader minifigure in this year’s 75291 Death Star Final Duel.

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One thought on “LEGO Star Wars 75294 Bespin Duel now available in North America

  • 27/08/2020 at 11:01

    Why available in Canada as well? This was an event only set for an event that took place in North America. As far as I know there is no automatic entry to the USA for Canadians who have a ticket to an event so I cannot see why the Canadian market is also given access to the set?
    Come on Lego, if you can make it available for a country whose border is 1,058 miles away from Anaheim then you could surely do it for the rest of the world? After all, Mexico is a lot closer to Anaheim than Canada is so why can’t they have it?


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