LEGO is trialling new cardboard Pick a Brick boxes

The LEGO Group is trialling cardboard Pick a Brick boxes at its store in Berlin, offering a more environmentally-friendly option to the traditional plastic cups.

As already reported when in their test phase, the LEGO Pick a Brick boxes are the latest change to the LEGO Group’s practices in the journey to become more sustainable. Ordinarily, the Pick a Brick stations include plastic cups to collect your LEGO elements in. Now, the plastic containers are being replaced with cardboard boxes, as spotted by Stonewars in the LEGO Store in the Mall of Berlin.

Customers will need to fold up the boxes themselves. There are three sizes, each close in size to the two plastic cups and minifigure blister packs that were available before.

For now, the trial is limited to the Mall of Berlin store, according to Stonewars. It will last for one month and, presumably, if it goes well, will extend to other stores.

This follows on from the LEGO Group’s efforts to use less plastic in various areas of the LEGO manufacturing process, from packaging to LEGO bricks themselves. It remains to be seen whether the cardboard boxes will be as effective as cups. While they can surely be reused a few times, they likely won’t be as durable as the hard plastic containers. What’s more, while there does appear to be an adhesive strip to seal the box, smaller elements could perhaps slip out of an unseen slit in the box.

Most likely, this trial in the Mall of Berlin will be the test to iron out any of these potential cracks, before the cardboard boxes are pushed out to global stores.

Featured image: Stonewars

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