If you missed out on Mr Gold, then LEGO Brawls gives you a second chance

LEGO Brawls is getting in on the 90th anniversary action by announcing Mr Gold and other golden minifigures as unlockable characters.

With only 5,000 ever released, it’s safe to say that the Mr Gold minifigure, part of the Collectible Minifigures Series 10 from back in 2013 is one of the harder minifigures to track down. But now, if you’re a LEGO Brawls player, you’ve got the opportunity to finally get your hands on him. Virtually, anyway.

As part of the LEGO Group’s 90th anniversary celebrations, a group of gold minifigures and power-ups have been added to the battling and building game, including the elusive Mr Gold. Other characters to be found include Gold Cowgirl, Gold Heroic Knight, Gold Intergalactic Girl and Gold Super Wrestler.

The multiplayer platforming game, which is available for multiple platforms, involves players building their own heroes and LEGO contraptions while they work as a team to control well known LEGO levels. Battles take place in locations familiar to fans of NINJAGO, Castle and Pirate themes and the whole game has a humorous, tongue-in-cheek feel.

A tweet, released by the LEGO Group, shows the gold-plated heroes in manic combat, leaping, flying and smashing their way across various brick-built levels. LEGO Brawls is available on Steam, and from relevant App stores.

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