Most-detailed LEGO Star Wars Mace Windu minifigure coming soon

The upcoming 75342 Republic Fighter Tank includes what appears to be the most-detailed Mace Windu minifigure in LEGO Star Wars history.

The first official image for 75342 Republic Fighter Tank has given us a blurry look at its included Mace Windu minifgiure, made clear by his signature purple lightsaber, and unless the light is playing tricks on us, he appears to have dual-moulded arms.

Dual-moulding or additional arm detailing is something of a rarity in LEGO Star Wars, though is becoming more common with the upcoming C-3PO minifigure. However, Mace Windu’s latest minifigure in 75342 Republic Fighter Tank seems to use a combination of brown and grey on the arms, replicting his Clone Wars appearance.

While it is based on a separate appearance from the current collection of Mace Windu minifigures, it’s safe to say that the likely presence of dual-moulded arms makes this the most detailed LEGO version of Mace Windu to date.

You can currently find the character in 75309 Republic Gunship and we’re still waiting for official details of when the Clone Wars minifigure in 75342 Republic Fighter Tank will be available and for how much.

While you wait, we’ve got a full review of the Ultimate Collector Series set to read through, including a closer look at the minifigures

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