New LEGO DC Super-Villains characters and voice cast revealed at E3

It’s the biggest event of the year for video game news, and TT Games wasn’t about to let E3 pass by without getting in on the action. Community Manager Bear Parker and Producer James Burgon were on hand in Los Angeles to show off the studio’s upcoming superhero sequel, LEGO DC Super-Villains, revealing more details about the characters, story and voice cast.

In a brief four-minute stream on YouTube’s own ‘Live at E3’ channel, we caught a glimpse of some brand new cutscene footage from the game, with the Justice League facing off against the Justice Syndicate – paving the way for the Legion of Doom to take over, and a ragtag band of super-villains to step in and save the day. And according to the guys from TT, your own imagination will play a big part in making that happen.

‘One of the big things that we’re pushing on Super-Villains is the character customiser,’ said Parker. ‘People have always created their own characters in our games, but this time we’ve gone really heavy on it.’

‘You start the game, you boot it up and the first thing you see is the dossier on this new character,’ Burgon continued. ‘You grab all the different pieces, you customise your character – you essentially create your own super-villain from the get go. And throughout the game, throughout the story, whether you team up with Joker and Harley, or Lex, you’re essentially just going through these levels and your character gets new abilities as you progress. There’s really a sense of purpose.’

Those names will be recognisable to anyone who’s ever opened a comic book, but in true TT fashion, the character roster for LEGO DC Super-Villains goes much deeper than that.

‘We’ve got Joker and Harley, you can’t have a DC Super-Villains game without them,’ Burgon said. ‘But we’ve also delved into the Female Furies, Apokolips, Darkseid; you’ve even got Granny Goodness and her orphanage – there’s a really cool boss fight with her. We’re really just delving into those lesser-known characters and creating an epic journey through DC lore.’

The duo also touched briefly on the game’s voice cast, although they remained tight-lipped about one particular role.

‘We’ve got Clancy Brown for Lex, we’ve got Tara Strong for Harley – she’s iconic in that role,’ Burgon said. ‘When you hear the Joker speak for the first time, you’re gonna be like, ‘I know who that is’.’

Of course, we’ve already heard Joker speak in the game’s announcement trailer, and Burgon isn’t wrong – that is a very familiar voice. But is it Christopher Corey Smith, who voiced the character in the previous LEGO Batman games, or does TT have a surprise up its sleeve?

We’ll no doubt find out soon, as LEGO DC Super-Villains is due for release on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC on October 19, 2018.

Chris Wharfe

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