There’s a brand-new piece we want from a LEGO Dungeons & Dragons set

With the first LEGO Dungeons & Dragons set potentially arriving in 2024, there’s a brand-new piece we want to see included with the model.

Thanks to the latest LEGO Ideas contest, we may now know what one of the LEGO Group’s first product releases for 2024 might be. Last week the company turned to the fan community to find the best designs for a LEGO Dungeons & Dragons set that will then become a physical model at some point.

The most likely date for the winning contest design to be released could be 2024, the same year that the tabletop role-playing game series reaches its 50th anniversary. The LEGO Dungeons & Dragons set would be the second collaboration with Hasbro and the first with its subsidiary, Wizards of the Coast. Five decades on from the release of the game and the RPG is still going strong today, with over 50 million players actively campaigning worldwide.

Regardless of which design ultimately ends up winning the LEGO Ideas contest, there’s one new LEGO element we definitely want to see included with the finished set. Essential to D&D gameplay is a 20-sided die, or D20. When rolled, this item determines which player strikes first and how accurate their attack is. These special dice can be plastic, wood or metal, but a single-moulded LEGO piece would be a fantastic new element to include with the final model, although that’s pure speculation and wish-fulfilment on our part.

A D20 could certainly be created using multiple LEGO elements and those may indeed appear in fan designs submitted to the contest. However, it might make more sense for the LEGO Group to debut a brand-new piece specifically with the LEGO Dungeons & Dragons set, making the model even more desirable to fans of the long-running RPG series.

If you want to take part in the latest LEGO Ideas contest, you’ll have until November 14 to get your entry in. A judging panel will then select five finalists, with the winning design being selected by the LEGO Ideas team in conjunction with a fan vote taking place from November 28 to December 12.

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  • 09/10/2022 at 14:09

    D20 from lego? Really? What for? U know lego is polymer based as well right? The rush to throw xy articles a day is killing this page. Its not what it used be sadly

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