Rumoured mosaic theme could be called LEGO Wall Art

The new LEGO theme that is rumoured to be a series of mosaics may be titled LEGO Wall Art.

Back in January, Brick Fanatics shared news that a new adult-targeted theme is on the way, which seems to be based around big mosaics to be hung on a wall. Accordingly, Eurobricks user Lego-Freak shares the news that the theme may be titled LEGO Wall Art.

Four sets are expected intially in the LEGO Wall Art theme:

31197 Marilyn Monroe
31198 The Beatles
31199 Marvel – Iron Man
31200 Star Wars – Darth Maul

PromoBricks shares news on what the piece counts will be for the sets:

31197 Marilyn Monroe – 3,341 pieces
31198 The Beatles – 2,933 pieces
31199 Marvel – Iron Man – 3,406 pieces
31200 Star Wars – Darth Maul – 3,167 pieces

As with other recent releases for adult fans, the sets are expected to be marked as 18+.

Given that the LEGO Group recently commented on new luxury packaging for adult orientated themes, these can be expected to come in the new, black box design.

Until there is any official announcement or comment from the LEGO Group, though, all information above has to be treated as rumour.

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