Save a huge £40 on LEGO Icons 10297 Boutique Hotel at John Lewis

You can currently complete your LEGO Modular Buildings Collection for less at John Lewis, where last year’s luxury addition 10297 Boutique Hotel is available for a very tempting price.

Pack your suitcase, grab your passport and load up on sun cream (pale Brits represent): we’re taking a trip to 10297 Boutique Hotel with John Lewis, which has slashed a huge £40 off the price of the modular building. If you’re yet to catch up on 2022’s sublime instalment in this long-running series, you can now do so for only £159.99 – a 20% discount on the set’s RRP.

Click here to save £40 on 10297 Boutique Hotel at John Lewis.

The 3,066-piece LEGO Icons set is available exclusively at, in LEGO Stores and through John Lewis, so the third-party retailer is pretty much your only hope of seeing a discount on 10297 Boutique Hotel. And this is a very good one as these things go, offering a much more cost-effective way to complete your Modular Buildings Collection. (And if you have one, you need them all. Sorry, we don’t make the rules.)

Revisiting the concept of a hotel 15 years after the release of 10182 Café Corner – the very first modular building – 10297 Boutique Hotel delivers yet another unique approach to LEGO architecture, coming up with a bold angled footprint for its main building. That leaves room to squeeze in a tiny art gallery next door, without sacrificing any of the glitz and glamour of the luxury accommodation.

The composition of the finished set is a sight to behold, and that’s without mentioning its colour scheme, which carefully blends light nougat, dark tan and sand green. Suffice to say this is one modular building you don’t want to miss out on – and even if you already own a copy, this is also a set crying out for expansion. Head over to John Lewis to secure yours while stocks last.

Save 20% on LEGO Icons 10297 Boutique Hotel by clicking here.

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