Stunt shows and wildlife might be next for LEGO CITY

LEGO CITY might be heading into two new and different territories this summer, if a possible list of sets for the summer wave is correct.

Spanish retailer Libreriatilos has added a wide variety of potentially upcoming LEGO sets to its website, including what some fans believe to be a new range of LEGO CITY sets due for the summer.

Just2Good uploaded a new video reporting on the potential sets, revealing the subject matter for the summer wave of the theme. LEGO CITY will be focusing on stunt shows and wildlife later this year if this list is to be believed.

A grand total of 14 sets might be part of the summer CITY release with some listed sets based on stunts possibly including 60293 Stunt Park, 60294 Stunt Show Truck, 60295 Stunt Show Arena, 60296 Wheelie Stunt Bike, 60297 Wheelie Stunt Bike, 60298 Rocket Stunt Bike, 60299 Stunt Competition, 60309 Selfie Stunt Bike, 60310 Chicken Stunt Bike and 60311 Fire Stunt Bike.

Other models may be visiting a slightly more surreal subject, focusing on wildlife. Listed sets include 60300 Wildlife Rescue ATV, 60301 Wildlife Rescue Off-Roader and 60302 Wildlife Rescue Operation.

Also included in this supposed product list is 60303 Advent Calendar, which may be unsurprising considering LEGO CITY’s yearly inclusion in the Advent Calendar collection.

Each of these listed sets should only be considered as rumour while we await official confirmation on what LEGO CITY’s summer wave may be from the LEGO Group. Fans wanting a taste of LEGO CITY sooner can consider the January wave of sets that have just released.

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