Every LEGO CITY set launching January 1

An impressive array of 20 new LEGO CITY sets are now officially available at LEGO.com. The wave contains an interesting mixture of familiar and fresh sets to spice up your city layout.

The usual blue-light services are strongly represented with seven sets devoted to police and fire operations. LEGO Police have the land, sea and sky covered with their fleet of response vehicles, 60275 Police Helicopter, 60276 Police Prisoner Transport and 60277 Police Patrol Boat. The fire service is currently limited to the road and sky with a range of fire trucks, a motorbike and a helicopter, although a fire patrol boat will surely follow later in the year.

An exciting innovation of this range is the introduction of a brand new road plate system. The printed baseplates that have served LEGO cities since the 1970s have been phased out. In their place is a new brick-based road plate system.

The new road system is found in three of the new sets: 60291 Family House, 60292 Town Center and 60306 Shopping Street. Additional road elements to expand your city’s highways can also be obtained in 60304 Road Plates. This set and 60306 Shopping Street are pleasantly illuminated by new glow in the dark streetlights.

The full range of newly-released LEGO CITY sets can be found across the links below:

60275 Police Helicopter
60276 Police Prisoner Transport
60277 Police Patrol Boat
60279 Fire Hazard Truck
60280 Fire Ladder Truck
60281 Fire Rescue Helicopter
60282 Fire Command Unit
60283 Holiday Camper Van
60284 Roadwork Truck
60285 Sports Car
60286 Beach Rescue ATV
60287 Tractor
60288 Race Buggy Transporter
60289 Airshow Jet Transporter
60290 Skate Park
60291 Family House
60292 Town Center
60304 Road Plates
60305 Car Transporter
60306 Shopping Street

January 1 is a big day for new releases on LEGO.com. To see what’s new across all LEGO themes, head over to our master list of new releases.

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