New LEGO Botanical Collection launches

The LEGO Group has broken new ground with a foray into the natural world across two new plant-based sets.

The LEGO Botanical Collection is now available as part of a mass of new January 1 set releases. This new range encompasses two sets, including 10281 Bonsai Tree. Gloriously detailed, this impressive display piece stands in a brick-built flower pot atop a brick-built podium.

The bonsai itself can transition from spring blossoms to summer leaves, without the pesky need for you to worry about watering or fertilising. In a similar fashion to 21318 Tree House, the set includes two sets of leaves for the builder to choose between, leafy green or white and pink blossom.

You can explore both sets in the new range with our reviews here and here, and at using the following links:

10280 Flower Bouquet
10281 Bonsai Tree

The two new sets are aimed squarely at adult builders. Their boxes are labelled 18+ and arrive in the sleek new black packaging style that debuted last year. The bonsai in particular would make an excellent addition to any work desk.

A great many other new sets have also launched as part of the January 1 releases. You can check them all out in our master list.

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