Take a trip to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory in this sweet LEGO build

A LEGO builder with a sweet tooth has recreated a beloved children’s book with a model of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, complete with candy cane trees and more.

Rivers of chocolate and candy floss trees are a great way to start the new year, with one LEGO fan recreating a sugar-filled scene from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

LEGO willy wonkas chocolate factory

Using Stud.io, tombungee has built a diorama of Willy Wonka’s famous factory, complete with minifigures of the cast and some Oompa Loompas hard at work. The digital render includes additional touches to bring the scene to life, such as bubblegum lamp posts.

Taking a closer look at the model, all kinds of LEGO foods have been used such as cookies on the flowers and pink beehives to form the candy floss. LEGO microfigures are used in an interesting way as they form a jelly baby tree.

The edges of the model use angled pieces to ensure no one side is completely straight, echoing the crazy inner-workings of the factory. The minifigures are all uniquely designed for the model and appear to be based on the 1971 adaptation of the book. Augustus Gloop may appear to be missing but can be spotted stuck in the chocolate pipe.

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