The Legacy of LEGO NINJAGO sets: 70747 Boulder Blaster

LEGO NINJAGO is home to some of the most unique models in the LEGO Group’s catalogue, and with NINJAGO Legacy, these sets can evolve even further, including 70747 Boulder Blaster.

70747 Boulder Blaster released in 2015 as part of the Tournament of Elements season of NINJAGO. It featured a flying vehicle for Cole, the earth ninja with a function that allowed it to fire from a rotary cannon. However, the set didn’t always look like that. Thanks to the LEGO Group for providing the original concept image of the set.

The initial concept for the model looked very different from the final version, resembling that of a propeller–driven plane, and being much smaller in size. Perhaps the most glaring difference though, is the lack of the rotary cannon function. Cole’s airborne vehicle didn’t come with this feature at first, instead having a propeller and a pair of exhausts at the front. The bulky aesthetic of the set remained throughout the iterations, keeping with the earthy theme of the ninja pilot.

The Boulder Blaster was then reimagined in 2021 as a NINJAGO Legacy set, retaining the look and functions of the original model, but introducing a larger size and brand new element. The cockpit in the newer model features gold lining moulded into the brick, providing good protection for Cole

The newest version, 71736 Boulder Blaster is available now for £34.99 / $39.99 / €39.99 and includes a golden Kai minifigure to celebrate the 10th anniversary of NINJAGO. Stay tuned for more in this series revealing the original design of classic NINJAGO sets.

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