The LEGO Group to expand retail offering in China

As the company seeks growth in China, the LEGO Group has announced plans to open new LEGO Stores in the country.

By mid-2019, the LEGO Group has announced that two new flagship stores will open in Shanghai and Beijing. After recent positive news that growth in China has been in the double digits, the LEGO Group continues to affirm its commitment to the Chinese market, with the news that more LEGO Stores will be rolled out.

Retail News Asia reports that the Shanghai store could open later this month, while the Beijing store will open in 2019. Jacob Kragh, LEGO Senior Vice President, told China Daily that there is room for significant growth in China.

The first LEGO Store in China opened at the Disneyland Shanghai Resort in 2016. There are currently 36 stores in the country, with that total expected to rise to 60 by the end of the year. Over the last few years, the LEGO Group has expanded its global retail offering significantly, using company owned LEGO Brand Stores and partnering with other companies on LEGO Certified Stores.

While the LEGO Group has embarked on various strategies to embed its brand in China, BRICKLIVE has also begun to make inroads in the country, as East begins to increase in importance for the future of the brick.


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