The LEGO Group tops reputable company rankings for 2018

In a survey from the Reputation Institute, the LEGO Group has been named the most reputable company in the EU5 countries.

Using data from 87,000 members of the general public in the UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy, the Reputation Insitute – an organisation that mines data to help companies enhance their public perception – has ranked the ten most reputable companies in 2018. The LEGO Group tops the EU5 RepTrak rankings, followed by Bosch and Rolex.

This survey claims to take the emotional bond that the public has with a company and quantify it, using data from individual responses to build a bigger overall picture. According to the press release, the RepTrak survey “reveals how this deep connection can drive supportive behaviour such as the intent to purchase, likelihood to recommend and willingness to work for the company.”

What makes the LEGO Group different, according to the findings, is that it has a “commitment to building a strong corporate brand, investment in corporate social responsibility and a deep sense of purpose to drive greater levels of engagement amongst its key stakeholders.”

As part of the survey, 140 multi-national companies were studied. Here is the top ten most reputable companies, according to the report:

2. Bosch
3. Rolex
4. Sony
5. Samsung
6. Canon
7. Michelin
8. Walt Disney Company
9. Adidas
10. Amazon


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