The third LEGO Collectible Coin is now available for VIP members

The third LEGO Collectible Coin is now available to redeem for VIP members – and it’s not the one anyone expected.

The LEGO Group is currently rolling out a series of five collectible coins, available exclusively for VIP members. The first two featured Castle and Pirates logos, two more will reference Classic Space and Octan, and the final one is simply a larger representation of the classic LEGO gold coin.

Based on the original image of the full set of coins (as revealed with the accompanying case, which has long since disappeared from the VIP Rewards Centre), that’s the one we all assumed would be hitting in March.

That theory was further supported by the fact that the LEGO Group accidentally sent the gold coin to someone way ahead of schedule, when they’d actually ordered the Pirates coin. All signs pointed to the oversized minifigure accessory being next on the list – but those signs were wrong.

LEGO Octan Collectible Coin VIP Rewards Centre

Instead, the Octan logo coin is now available to redeem through the VIP Rewards Centre. The LEGO Group’s in-house fuel company was a staple of LEGO Town through the decades, and still occasionally pops up in CITY sets to this day.

You’ll need to spend 1,150 points to redeem the reward and grab the coin’s promo code, which you’ll then have 60 days to use in an order at Fortunately, there’s plenty of new stuff to get your hands on, so you won’t be lost for anything to buy.

And even if you don’t want the coin for yourself, it might be worth grabbing one anyway – after all, the first two are still fetching a fair chunk of change on eBay…

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