There were 19 initial ideas for the LEGO CITY Missions sets

Three LEGO CITY Missions sets are now available, but it turns out the team initially had 19 ideas to choose from for this new concept.

As part of a recent roundtable interview with designers Mikkel Lee and Lillie Talbott, two of the minds behind LEGO CITY Missions offered insight into the development of these new models, revealing that there was at one stage for more than just Wild Animal Rescue, Space and Police Missions sets.

“Initially, we had 19 ideas that we presented to the LEGO CITY team, and they chose and helped us pick these three to develop further,” explained Mikkel.

Of course, we’ve only received three of those 19 ideas at the time of writing. Whether this could mean more Missions models in future is unconfirmed, but we know that there are at least 16 more concepts behind the scenes at the LEGO Group.

Wild Animal Rescue, Police and Space are the subthemes that have been picked for the initial range of LEGO CITY Missions sets, but from Trains to Fire there is plenty of potential for further Missions builds.

We’ve reviewed one of the new sets and came away impressed with the quality of the digital experience and how it combined with the physical set.

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